Ultra Cleanse Spa Treatment Line

Bring the Moroccan Hammam right to your bathroom! Spa quality products that we love

Oil Republic's Ultra Cleanse Spa Treatment Line consists of authentic spa products used in the hammam for centuries. Hammam is the Moroccan version of a steam room where people go each week to clean & detoxify themselves. Oil Republic brings the hammam rituals to your own bathroom.

Scrub yourself with the traditional Moroccan Black Soap (with Argan Oil and Lavender) and our Exfoliating Spa Glove (Loofah) to achieve smooth and silky skin. Our Pure Detoxifying Lava Mask Clay Powder is 100% pure and super rich in minerals. After use, your skin will be bright and even toned!

Using our Ultra Cleanse Spa Treatment Line will clean, detoxify and relax your body and soul. Give your body the care it deserves. Free delivery to all cities in the United Arab Emirates.