Moroccan Exfoliating Spa Glove

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Moroccan Exfoliating Spa Glove -

Brighter skin. Softer Skin. Authentic Hammam Product.

The Moroccan Exfoliating Spa Glove is also known as the Kessa Glove or Loofah. The gloves are used to exfoliate dead skin, debris and oil. It is used for many years in the traditional Moroccan Hammam and Spas worldwide. Easy and safe to use!

Powerful Scrub

Scrub your skin gently with this magical glove. Your skin will have a beautiful glow without using any harmful or chemical products. This glove is not an average glove. The Kessa glove is a powerful method to exfoliate your whole body leaving it healthier-looking. Your skin will feel immediately softer and smoother. The Moroccan Glove is designed to remove the surface of dead skin, impurities and dirt leaving it refreshed and rejuvenated.

Supports anti-aging and skin regeneration
Unclog pores
Removes dead skin, impurities and dirt
 For younger and healthier-looking skin

How to use

After a couple of minutes of showering, apply Oil Republic's Moroccan Black Soap on body. Turn the heat up to a comfortable setting and leave soap on for couple of minutes. Soak the Kessa glove in warm water and start scrubbing your body gently with the glove. Dead skin layers will dissapear as you scrub. After you finish scrubbing, rinse your skin thoroughly with warm water. To complete the Spa Ritual you may use our Pure Detoxifying Lava Clay Mask Powder on your body for best results. Nourish and moisturise your skin with our 100% Pure Certified Argan OilDo not use the glove around the eyes.