Our Story


The Oil Republic family is a small team with an overload of love and passion for hair and skin care. We don't believe in products with an ingredient list of an essay. We like to keep it simple and effective. We believe in the purity and power of natural skin and hair care.

As a young child...

As a young child, I remember my grandmother applying a mask on her face. It looked weird and funny to me, but she always made the joke that it was the reason why she looked way younger than my grandfather.

Time passed as it does and I went with the family on a holiday to a town in Southern Morocco. There we came across fields of argan trees and my mother decided to get a bottle of argan oil. At that time I was suffering from a light case of acne. My mother advised me to use it on my face and started going on and on about its benefits. She told me that it's the beauty secret of Moroccan women. Skeptically, I used it and was surprised by the fast results. I was convinced that this oil is truly (as they say) the liquid gold of Morocco.

I started telling everyone about argan oil and that´s when I started dreaming about having my own line. After completing my bachelor study, I moved from the Netherlands to Abu Dhabi for work. I met a friend who shared the same enthusiasm for skin and hair care products.

After approximately 1 year of travelling around the world we met a lot of people who inspired us to start the line. We met people who are desperately looking for pure argan oil, but found it difficult. They always questioned its purity and origins. This motivated us to start Oil Republic with the aim to serve mainly the Arabian Gulf countries and whoever is interested, in pure argan oil, hair care products and other skin care products.

Based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, we deliver mainly across the Middle East but our customers are from all around the globe! For any enquiries, drop us an email at info@oil-republic.com and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

 Team Oil Republic

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